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grocery store philosophy

having worked in the grocery industry for too many years, at work the other day i was wondering how i could use my job to promote band aids.  a common complaint from customers is that their bag is too heavy … Continue reading

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just plain cool if you ask me

the bed of spikes. i dont remember what we called this contraption when we were young but im going to call it the bed of spikes.  i used to play with this all the time when i was little and … Continue reading

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shadow box

this post was supposed to be up about a week ago but i was having technical difficulties getting my pictures from my camera onto my computer.  i was at home in d.c. tearing my room apart/ cleaning it looking for … Continue reading

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band aid 40 hands

lots of kids know about the drinking game edward 40 hands.  if you never have tried this, it is a great experience especially with the band aids!  i thought this would be cool to show the band aid brand with … Continue reading

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Mario’s Philosophy

Base on the fact that i play a lot of video games, a philosophy of mine is that Super Mario is the biggest video game legend ever.  I thought this would be a great concept to target all ages since … Continue reading

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Our brand promises to shine above all other brands

A star to me symbolizes being the best. why not combine the best brand of adhesive with a star?  the star serves as a promise that band aid is the best brand and shines above all other brands.  i was … Continue reading

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beautiful brands

now that this beautiful girl has your full attention… aren’t you interested in what she has to say?  well what she has to say is that band aid brand is a beautiful and attractive brand just like her.  i think … Continue reading

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