band aid life journey

it was just another day of life in this box

I started to think when my turn would come

I had always hoped for a warm cozy sock

But in fact my turn came as a shock

It wasn’t a nose, it wasn’t a toe

I hoped for something comfy, I’d even settle for an elbow

Why not a nice safe place where i wouldn’t get hurt?

Somewhere clean, germ free and away from dirt

A spot that I could stick on and do my thing

I hope it’s not infected, I hope it don’t sting

I can see my new home, it was big and shiny

It was a huge boil on some old dude’s hiney

I had never really written a poem before except back when i was younger.  i want to somehow describe the life perspective of a band aid.  what a band aid is thinking as it waits it’s turn to be chosen out of the box. its really a game of roulette in their view because they could be going anywhere. a simple little paper cut, or worse like the one in the poem!

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