time to exercise it

i tried the timed exercise where you type whatever comes to mind for 7 minutes


Band aids are drivin me crazy recently.gotta get some good ones up. Im doing this timed 7 minute thing.  Derrick rose is incredible you shoulda seen the shot he just hit.  I wonder if hes got any band aids on right now?  I cant believe someone was crankin a 40 in class last week.  i saw a band aid mixed in my overflowing ash tray outside about 30 mins ago now that I think about it.. It looked pretty gross. Maybe I should do a post about that.  Wow its only been 2 minutes gotta keep typing.  Wow good hustle boozer.  i think I need to put on a band aid while im thinking that might give me a little inspiration.  I had some mcdonalds earlier and it was pretty disgusting I don’t know why I ate it.  I need to save money so I can buy some new cool band aids.  The damn internet keeps going in and out at my house gotta have this post ready for when it comes back on.  My roommate just switched to the nationals game and Jason Werth just hit a home run wow that was pretty nice now there up 5-1. go nats! I wonder how many band aids are being worn in that game right now.im sure there is atleast 100 fans and a dozen players who are wearing one right now.  I wonder if the band aid brand has ever sponsored a sporting event? 1 minute left I wonder what else I can type. This is going to give me some good ideas I know it. Damn I need to do laundry I have no clean socks I just realized this.

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