band aid 40 hands

lots of kids know about the drinking game edward 40 hands.  if you never have tried this, it is a great experience especially with the band aids!  i thought this would be cool to show the band aid brand with the same concept.  drinking two forty’s is a mission and having my hands strapped with band aids gave me the opportunity to ponder more about  them while downing the two forty’s.  i taped the band aids together to cover my hand and used duct tape for the other.  as you can see the band aid hand sticks out a lot more and grabs the attention of the viewer.  it took about 45 minutes to an hr to down both of the drinks.   This activity helped me to gather a lot of other band aid ideas because every time i took a sip i would be staring into the eyes of the band aids!  go try the band aid 40 experience and see what cool ideas you come up with!

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