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Finally Finished!

the 54th and final post! i thought i would never get here but here i am.  Band aids are a pretty interesting product and never knew how many interesting things could be done with something so simple.  i have been … Continue reading

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all my hard work

this is what my bed as looked like the past couple days. all my band aid stuff laid out everywhere. its been somewhat of a stressful project but i have learned a lot.  the more posts i made the more … Continue reading

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failed band aids

this is a pile of failed band aids. that is, band aids that i tried to use and either broke or got frustrated and crumpled up. i kept throwing them on this one paper where i was keeping track of … Continue reading

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ancient band aids

i was looking for something to cap off the philosophy directive. i found this cool artifact that shows a man with his hands out to the other man.  the man holding the book looks like he wants something so provided … Continue reading

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Hat Rack

i am a person who likes to wear hats. when i was looking for one to wear today i couldn’t find some of them.  once i found some that i had been missing i noticed they were crushed up and … Continue reading

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I was working on this post before i came to the final class today. the idea was to make the no parking symbol using only band aids. it was a little difficult making the circle because i was running low … Continue reading

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the perfect chin strap

one thing that i am very passionate about is my beard. i’m always looking for something new to do with my facial hair.  i’ve sported the chin strap a lot but i never seem to get it perfectly straight like … Continue reading

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