Being a medic is one of the most intense jobs to have in the military.  the goal of this one is to link the brand with the medic’s job.  all medic’s wear the red cross symbol on their helmets and uniforms.  also the medi-vac trucks have the symbol.  in my opinion, a combat medic is the toughest of the tough and should be using the adhesive brand which is also extremely tough.  Both the brand and the medics are looked at as reliable and dependable when put to the test.  for this post i was browsing different helmets and uniforms that the medic’s wore.  a lot of the uniforms and helmets had small medic symbols which didn’t really appear to the eye that well.  i finally found this medi-vac truck and decided to incorporate the brand name on the side of the truck.    the military is a great association because everyone relies the military to be tough and to be taken care of as efficiently as possible by the medics.  i thought it would be a good image for the brand because everyone respects the military and knowing that the ones fighting and risking their lives for our country are using the band aid brand in combat would create a huge amount of respect for the brand.  also the truck provides for a clearer image of the brand name

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