much needed richmond progress

everyone in the city of Richmond knows about the continuing problem of potholes.  I’m positive that drivers, bike riders, skateboarders, and pedestrians all hate potholes as much as i do.  This is a large deep pothole that is a block down from my house, a pothole which i have ran over numerous times.  It has been filled once that i know of but it obviously hasn’t lasted.  I believe that the city of Richmond needs to make a lot more progress in patching up the local pothole problem. This is the before picture of the pothole. i decided to take initiative in helping them get started…

this would be a great way to put a more visual effect on the brand.  if the brand could establish a pothole solution, I’m willing to bet they would see a rise in revenue and more opportunities to work with associative brands.  i chose to use this pothole because everyone in the city can relate to the issue.  i took about 20 minutes to get the picture just right because i had to stop in the middle a few times because of cars coming down the street.  Putting my life on the line for the brand!!!  i wanted to make sure the brand name on the individual bandages could be seen clearly. i spent the remaining time writing the post. Anyways, Richmond needs a lot of progress in the pothole repair department.  A strong trustworthy brand might be just the start they need

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