Full Metal Philosophy

to get new ideas, i started thinking of movies that i have watched recently.  i started thinking about full metal jacket which i watched a few days ago and tried to relate band aids some how.  i was looking up all the different varieties of band aids and found the tough strip type. i smell a military philosophy a comin on… this was perfect to associate with a tough intimidating drill sargeant especially gunnery sargeant hartman!!. i think his image is perfect to coexist with a tough strip band aid.  it is made to be tough and should be projected by someone considered as tough as they come.  R. Lee Ermey has been popular in many different adds but not necessarily used as his character from this movie.  a tough drill sargeant with tough strip band aids sounds like a great ad!  the philosophy behind the idea is to associate the tough with the tough.  the punch line i would use for the ad would be ” Are you tough enough for tough strips!?”

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