Diverse Belts

i know everyone has noticed the crazy belts that people wear nowadays, especially in our diverse vcu atmospehere.  It could easily be a social trend, stealing everyone’s belt styles  Everyone knows how diverse our school is and clothing accessories are among the most diverse.  As diverse we are, i have seen a lot of similar clothing among certain styles of people.  I’ve noticed belts that have been multi-colored.  some have silver studs around them.  I’ve noticed people that need to start wearing belts because i’m noticing more of them than i hoped for. some are just a piece of string or rubber. some are evencovered with bullets.  some belts can be really ridiculous if you ask me.  in the spirit of wild and crazy belts i thought i would add the band aid belt. it’s a brand new style that can be purchased brand new!  or you can buy the band aids separately and create your own belt.   If your belt has become worn and torn (like mine) try the band aids to keep it nice and sturdy.  and presentable of course

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