lone ginger

in order to pass the time in between classes, me and my buddy used to sit in the compass and “scope”.  “Scoping” is a point game that we developed while observing our diverse college community.  It is a great way to get a good perspective of your surrounding environment.  different things we would look for were bikers with helmets, someone wearing all one color, lone gingers( a redhead with freckles walking alone) and groups of 5 or more sorority or frat members.  we had a few more but i cant remember all of them.  my favorite scope category was the lone ginger because i seemed to notice that the most of all the categories.  i decided to draw my own lone ginger band aid.  curly red hair and covered with freckles.  the buck teeth aren’t necessarily common with lone gingers, i just thought it made the image that much more funny.

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