safety and advertising philosophy

this is an idea that i would suggest to the brand to add a little something new to their trademark.  band aid has been a brand that people associate with safety and healing.  when someone gets hurt or cuts themself, one typically thinks of band aid and not even bandage.  that is pretty good for a company when people think of your brand name before the actual product.  i’ve noticed in recent time that lots of brands look to work together, especially if they have complimentary products.  Instead of joining up with a brand that has complimentary products, i think they should look to associate the band aid brand with non related products. not just any unrelated products, but products that have risks of injury.  products such as tools, knives, scissors, flammable items and so on.  it would be cool to provide a complimentary band aid for products like these just in case something went wrong.  if the brand supplied these complimentary band aids then that would enable them to put their label somewhere on the box of the other product.  this would be a good way for them to target new customers and to get a little extra advertising at the same time.  consumers would be attracted to a brand making effort like that to ensure safety of customers even if they aren’t directly buying one of their brand’s products

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