The 10 Band Aid Commandments

The 10 band aid commandments is a promise that should be fulfilled by any band aid brand consumer.

1.      you shall not worship any other brand but Band Aid

2.      you shall not make any carved image of any adhesive bandages except Band Aid

3.      you shall not take the name of band aid brand in vein, for the brand will not hold him guiltless for he who takes the name of the brand in vein.

4.      Remember the year of 1920 when Earle Dickson made the first band aid and keep it holy and sacred.

5.      Honor your father and mother, for they had provided with you with your first band aids when you were a little child.

6.      you shall not murder anyone regardless if they support band aid brand or not

7.      you shall not commit adultery by buying any other brand other than band aid

8.      you shall not steal any band aid products

9.      you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor’s brand, even if it is not band aid

10.  you shall not covet your neighbor’s house, his wife, his donkey, nor his band aids

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