magic commercial idea

this commercial idea involves band aids and magic.  in the commercial there would be a couple people getting hurt with bloody wounds.  in their time of need, the magical band aid magician would appear.  he would pull out band aids from his sleeve and heal the person on the spot.  another one would be him pulling a lot of band aids from down his throat like other magicians have done.  and for the last one, lets say there is a little kid who fell and scraped his/her knee up.  the magician could comfort them by pulling one from behind the child’s ear.  kids like being a part of the magic trick so this would make the kid feel happy and feel better because he/she now has a band aid on their knee.

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experience me

experience me

my job is all about healing

if your wound is bad, don’t be sad

if your wound is painful, don’t be shameful

experience me

i have the powers, to heal in hours

hold on one minute, put me on and you can win it

do what you do, forget pain you’ll make it through

experience me

you will not die, you’ll be just fine

if you get a bruise or a cut, you might be hurt or you might not

i’ll heal you quickly, i’ll heal you swiftly

you just have to experience me

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southwest airlines needs to make progress

so in case you guys haven’t heard, a plane belonging to southwest airlines had to have an emergency landing because a compartment blasted open shortly after take off.  passengers inside the plane could see the sky…. now that is CRAZY! hopefully this picture down here will help southwest airlines make more progress in fixing their planes in the future.

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Epic Heal Time

if you haven’t seen epic meal time on youtube before, its pretty funny you should check it out before you watch my video since they are kind of related.  this is a glimpse of epic HEAL time sponsored by band aid. please click the youtube link, watch, and enjoy!

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lone ginger

in order to pass the time in between classes, me and my buddy used to sit in the compass and “scope”.  “Scoping” is a point game that we developed while observing our diverse college community.  It is a great way to get a good perspective of your surrounding environment.  different things we would look for were bikers with helmets, someone wearing all one color, lone gingers( a redhead with freckles walking alone) and groups of 5 or more sorority or frat members.  we had a few more but i cant remember all of them.  my favorite scope category was the lone ginger because i seemed to notice that the most of all the categories.  i decided to draw my own lone ginger band aid.  curly red hair and covered with freckles.  the buck teeth aren’t necessarily common with lone gingers, i just thought it made the image that much more funny.

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eleven eleven make a wish

thought about this one before i went to sleep and made a note of it to do it today.  11:11 is one of those times that your supposed to make a wish if you actually see the clock when its this time or 3:33.  so now every time you see this picture you can pretend it really is 11:11 so make a wish!

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The 10 Band Aid Commandments

The 10 band aid commandments is a promise that should be fulfilled by any band aid brand consumer.

1.      you shall not worship any other brand but Band Aid

2.      you shall not make any carved image of any adhesive bandages except Band Aid

3.      you shall not take the name of band aid brand in vein, for the brand will not hold him guiltless for he who takes the name of the brand in vein.

4.      Remember the year of 1920 when Earle Dickson made the first band aid and keep it holy and sacred.

5.      Honor your father and mother, for they had provided with you with your first band aids when you were a little child.

6.      you shall not murder anyone regardless if they support band aid brand or not

7.      you shall not commit adultery by buying any other brand other than band aid

8.      you shall not steal any band aid products

9.      you shall not bear false witness against your neighbor’s brand, even if it is not band aid

10.  you shall not covet your neighbor’s house, his wife, his donkey, nor his band aids

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