Finally Finished!

the 54th and final post! i thought i would never get here but here i am.  Band aids are a pretty interesting product and never knew how many interesting things could be done with something so simple.  i have been around band aids so much that i think i wanna work for the company.  i got my shirt ready and everything and i think im about to go apply for a job at their manufacturing plant.  just kidding… but i think this would be the perfect shirt to wear to my interview if i change my mind! haha thank you project 54 for bringing out the creativity in me!

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all my hard work

this is what my bed as looked like the past couple days. all my band aid stuff laid out everywhere. its been somewhat of a stressful project but i have learned a lot.  the more posts i made the more i got into the project.  since I am just about finished i thought i would show all the supplies i’ve been using to help create my posts

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failed band aids

this is a pile of failed band aids. that is, band aids that i tried to use and either broke or got frustrated and crumpled up. i kept throwing them on this one paper where i was keeping track of what directives i needed just in case they would come back and inspire me.  now that i am almost finished i finally have a purpose to show them since finish is our last directive.  i have been finished with these particular band aids for a while now haha.

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ancient band aids

i was looking for something to cap off the philosophy directive. i found this cool artifact that shows a man with his hands out to the other man.  the man holding the book looks like he wants something so provided the other guy with a fresh box of band aids to give him.  obviously they didn’t have band aids in these days, but if they did i bet it would have helped prevent a lot of infection and contamination.

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Hat Rack

i am a person who likes to wear hats. when i was looking for one to wear today i couldn’t find some of them.  once i found some that i had been missing i noticed they were crushed up and wrinkly from being in a pile of clothes.  the strength and reliability of band aid brand gave me the motivation to make a hat rack using band aids.  i used the tough strips just to make sure they would hold up.  its a cheap and easy way to organize your hat collection and doesn’t take up as much space as an actual hat rack

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I was working on this post before i came to the final class today. the idea was to make the no parking symbol using only band aids. it was a little difficult making the circle because i was running low on band aids.  this sign is to provide luxury parking for the proud consumers of band aid brand.  customer’s would be more inclined to support the brand if it were to result in better parking spots… we all know how parking is in Richmond! this would be a great promise from band aid brand to its loyal customers!

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the perfect chin strap

one thing that i am very passionate about is my beard. i’m always looking for something new to do with my facial hair.  i’ve sported the chin strap a lot but i never seem to get it perfectly straight like i would like too.  that’s where the band aids come in.  i used the band aids to outline my chin strap so i could shave around it… leaving me with the perfect chin strap! thanks band aids!

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